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Hello, I'm Christopher Haller. Welcome to my website. I'd like to share a little about myself, my projects, and my work through this site.

I've had a passion for electronics since I was quite small. When I was 12 years old, I remember riding my bicycle two miles to Radio Shack to buy a Forrest M. Mims III 'Engineer's Mini-Notebook". The sales clerk wasn't too happy counting the pennies and nickles I used to make the purchase.

As expected, I pursued electronics and electrical engineering through both highschool and college. My appreciation for an engineering degree arose from my time as a test technician at North West Rail Electric. While I both enjoyed and think fondly of working there, it helped to clarify life's limitations, which lead me to Oregon State University where I earned a master of science in electrical engineering.

My master's thesis won the award for 'Longest Thesis Title' at the 2010 EECS graduation ceremony: Calibration, Characterization, and Linear Quadratic Gaussian Estimation of Sensor Feedback Signals for a Novel Ocean Wave Energy Linear Test Bed, and no, the title doesn't really need to be that long. Basically, the thesis details the frequency domain characterization of a linear testing machine's electro-mechanical systems and its output signal noise. It then goes on to perform estimations of the output signals based on a known model of the machine and known statistical information about the machine's noise. A simpler title might be Kalman Filter for Linear Testing Machine. Working on my thesis was a great joy, although it was also a lot of work, and I am thankful to Dr. Brekken and Dr. von Jouanne for all of the help and guidance they provided along the way.

I truely enjoy project work and have a variety that I work on in my spare time. A large project which came to completion with my bachelor's degree was my senior design project: an ICE-to-Electric motorcycle conversion (in academia section). I also enjoy clocks (mechanical and electronic), audio electronics, and helping out where my engineering skills are needed. When I'm not working on projects, I spend a little time doing things like swimming, hiking, dancing, reading, and spending time with family and friends.